All you need to know about Serial Production

Serial production refers to producing a large number of products back to back in series. It is a form of bulk production. It is an important production technique.

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In serial productions, the items manufactured will all be of the same kind for a given serial production. The products are standardized on a very large scale. The processes involved also get standardized. Serial Production provides great production precision. It increases the speed of production and also reduces the cost of production to a certain extent. Some of the production material are plastic, metal, and alloy.

Services provided in Serial Production

Serial Production is used to produce whole products as well as parts of a whole product. Interior and exterior components of a product can be serially produced.Vibration welding, Ultrasonic welding, Molding, the milling operation, Bonding, Surface finishing are some of the services in Serial Production. Serial Production minimizes error to a great extent.

Application of Serial Production

Mainly Serial Production is used in the paint, footwear, drug industry. Drug ingredients are also produced using Serial Production. Bakeries produce cakes also in a similar manner. Bakeries get an order quantity and according to that number use serial production to produce cakes or another dessert in advance. This helps reduce labor, working time and equipment needed. After the cakes are made the oven are switched off. This practice helps save a lot of money. Vehicle parts such as car seats are sometimes produced by serial production. Serial production has revolutionized the manufacturing industry.

Difference between mass production and serial production

In mass production, products are manufactured in bulk. There is no break in between. But in serial production manufacturing is done batch wise. After one batch produced in bulk, the other batch is produced. For example, In the paint industry during serial production first lighter colors like yellow, peach, baby pink are produced. Then in the next consecutive batch, the colors get darker like red then black etc. When you engage in this practice the cost is cut down dramatically.

Technical details

FP20 , 120 & 120 S , 140 & 140 S , 145 are few machines used in serial production. They are known to be flexible, energy-saving and meant for all round use.


Engaging in the serial production manufacturing process involves taking care of several important things. Some lots of products are complex and require special planning and attention. Raw materials used during serial production must not be wasted. Hence careful planning goes into the utilization of raw materials during this procedure. The design must collaborate well with the manufacturing process. There exist some type of design of products that cannot be produced by serial production. And therefore before beginning with serial production, one must examine the design of the product.Manufacturing at such high speed comes with risks and these should be managed efficiently so that there is no error or damage to the machinery involved. Through analysis goes into serial production.


Serial production is a cost effective production process. it is a type of mass production that ensures great product quality. Large number of items can be produced very fast and very cheaply.


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